10.20am – 10.55am          The Typical Public Cloud Customer profile                                                     and why use the Cloud?

                                          Dobrin Marinov, IT Manager – Orbico Bulgaria

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10.55am – 11.20am          Storage Solutions for the Cloud

                                         Svilen Stanchev, Business Development Manager –                                        IBS Bulgaria

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11.20am – 12.00pm          The Benefits of Localized Data Centers on                                                 the Network Edge                                                    

                                          Eduard Bodor, Solution Architect – NCEE                                                        Regional Application Center. Schneider Electric

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13.30pm – 14.05pm          IT – Cloud Service Orchestrator for GfK

                                         Emil Djinovski, Regional Head IT CEE & META, GfK

14.05pm – 14.40pm          Legal aspects of the data protection required                                              in provision and use of cloud and outsourcing services     

                                         Vesela Kabatliyska, Head of Labor Team – Dinova Rusev & vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Partners Law

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14.40pm – 15.15pm           Distrust in the Cloud by Bulgarian Business                                                        justified or not                                

                                          Ivelina Pashova, IT Manager, PIMK


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